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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting - this is a type of web hosting in which a single server handles multiple websites from different domains. Although this is the type of web hosting that costs less, this is not ideal for websites that have a high traffic or for e-commerce websites. This type of web hosting is popular especially for beginners who just had their first website. A control panel for managing web hosting is already included and no technical maintenance needed makes it easy to manage a site

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Business Hosting

With this kind of shared web hosting with dedicated resources, hosted with a dedicated IP or hosted on a server with “good neighborhoods” on a higher performance server, you can get good resources with no need knowledge to manage a server.

This comes with a control manage system just like in the shared hosting but powered by a high performance server. Since the business hosting costs more than the shared hosting and needs an administrator to setup, this kind of hosting offers the function of the VPS with the comfort of a shared hosting control panel setup. This kind of hosting is advisable to small business like an online store.

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Cloud Hosting

This is the newest type of hosting that became popular. The resources that your website needs are being spread across over one server and are carried out as needed. These type of hosting can be a solution to websites that experienced high traffics and becoming more popular. It is also customizable which allows you to configure the server to your best liking

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VPS Hosting

VPS - means virtual private server which is a virtualized server that acts as a dedicated server in a shared environment. It has its own operating system in which the users can install any software. Since you doesn't share resources to anyone, there are no other websites within your server that may access your files unsecured. VPS gives you affordability but with the comforts of having your own dedicated server

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Reseller Hosting

This is a type of hosting that is between the owner of a hosting reseller and a client. The reseller offers renting services of an allocated hard drive space and bandwidth to their clients. The typical resellers are of web design firms, web developers or system operators.

The reseller hosting plan usually allow resellers to choose their own plan and pricing. This type of hosting is more like between the wholesaler and the retailer. The wholesaler like the hosting companies offers spaces on their server to have reseller distribute and price the space they’ve leased. You can setup your private nameservers and sell hosting to your clients. Your clients get support directly from your hosting provider

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Dedicated Hosting

This is a hosting option that offers dedicated server to a single client. The hosting company provides the server equipments and administration. This give the users a total control of the server and its security. This type of hosting option is more reliable and better in speed performance.

You can have a unique dedicated IP address and the security can be customized to the users liking. This can be a major investment if you want this kind of hosting service. To get better performance database servers host on dedicated servers

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